Why Should I Consider Hardwood Floor Buffing and Waxing?

Hardwood floors are beautiful but they can be very hard to take care of, especially if your floors are installed in a room that has heavy traffic and dust. Hardwood floor buffing & polishing is done mainly to prepare the wood for a coating of polyurethane, which helps to protect the hardwood floor and make it have an incredibly smooth sheen. Hardwood floor screening and buffing also are doing periodically to restore the natural shine and adds to the decor of a room.

Scratches and dents on hardwood floors are almost inevitable. Although some dents can be repaired by applying wax to the affected area, others will need a more thorough repair job. If your hardwood floors have minor dents and scratches, you can use an old toothbrush and gently buff the scratch. If the scratch goes deeper into the wood, it is necessary to remove the entire area of the scratch to ensure that the repair goes smooth and even.

You may think that it is not practical to go through the trouble of hardwood floor buffing and cleaning because it will only get rid of the superficial scratches and dull areas. But deep damage to your wooden floors can be done if the scratches and other damage do not go away on their own. Such damage is often irreversible and repair is difficult or impossible unless the damage is very limited.

In addition to the superficial problems of hardwood floor buffing and sanding, you may want to consider the long term damage that can result if the same problem is allowed to persist. Sanding can damage the finish on your wood flooring and cause it to become dull over time. Hardwood floors are also porous and as the sandpaper will drag across the surface of the wood, tiny gaps will appear, leading to water seepage and mold growth. As these gaps widen, more water will accumulate, and mold will grow within the porous wood and on the wood shingles leading to major problems in the future.

These are all things that you will want to avoid at all costs. The best way to go about avoiding these problems is to invest in the services of a qualified hardwood floor cleaning and restoration company. A good company will make every effort to perform a proper job of hardwood floor cleaning and restoration, no matter how small the imperfection. They will use a quality vacuum system to remove the dust from the floors as well as employing professional cleaners who know exactly how to work with wood and the wood products used to cover it. The cleaning and restoration services offered by such companies are comprehensive and complete.

Hardwood floor polishing and waxing are other tasks handled by these specialists. Hardwood floors can benefit greatly from a deep cleaning that removes dirt, grease and stains. This will leave your wooden floor looking like new and it will be protected from damage and harm. Cleaning and polishing floors also reduce dullness and improves the color tone of the floor. Hardwood floors that have been subjected to regular cleaning and polishing have been shown to have a much higher resale value than one that has not.

If you are looking for a more comprehensive solution to your problem, then engineered wood floors may be right for you. Engineered wood floors are completely smooth and very dense. They have the beauty and durability that you are looking for and they do it for a reasonable price. Because the engineered wood floors are completely smooth, you can buff them to a high degree without fear of damaging or scratching the surface.

If you are considering remodeling, then hardwood floors are a great way to add value and character to your home. There are many professional flooring companies available to help you achieve your goal. You can find one that will provide you with an estimate on how long it will take for your floor to be fully installed. In most cases, hardwood floors are simple to install and if you are able to work with the installation company, it will save you money. You may also want to consider having your hardwood floors installed by professionals because they often carry out other types of woodwork for you. If you need additional assistance, then they can provide this as well.