Hardwood Floor Buffing Services Creates Beautiful Floors

Hardwood floors are one of the most desirable types of flooring for any home or office. The natural beauty of these floors along with their ability to stand up to heavy foot traffic makes them so popular. Unfortunately hardwood floors also can be prone to damage from spills, foot traffic, furniture and other hazards. For these reasons it is necessary that you do some form of maintenance to keep your hardwood flooring in top condition.

One of the most common problems of wood floors is the occurrence of deep scratches. These deep scratches can ruin the entire sheen of your hardwood floor if they are not attended to in a timely manner. Although there are many different products on the market designed to treat deep scratches, it is best to leave this type of damage up to a professional. Floor buffing & refinishing is performed by professionals to prepare the wood floors for a new coat of polyurethane which is designed to protect the wood from moisture, dirt, grease and stains.

Vacuuming regularly will help to prevent this problem. However there are instances where the dust cannot be removed from the hardwood flooring and this requires a professional hardwood floor buffing. One way to determine if the vacuum cleaner is doing a good job of removing all of the dust is to stand aside while the vacuum cleaner is going through. If no dirt is picked up then your vacuum may need to be adjusted in settings so that it is better suited to pick up the dust. If too much dust is collected then it is best to call in a professional.

Another common problem with old hardwood flooring occurs when small surface irregularities occur such as raised nail heads or an evenly spaced dent in the wood. In many cases these can be removed easily by a hardwood floor buffing and refinishing service. The first step is to remove as much of the dirt and sanding by hand as possible with a power washer. The area should then be lightly sanded with medium grade sandpaper until the surface is smooth and flat.

Even though it may not appear to be a problem, you should avoid raising nail heads or evenly spaced depressions in the wood. This will cause them to be uneven and thus more noticeable and harder to polish out. To remove uneven areas you should take a combination of water and alcohol and work the solution into the crack. After the entire area has been cleaned and sanded, the next step is to buff the wood floors using a dry, clean rag. The rag should be moist to help loosen up any dust particles but should never be soaked with water as this can permanently damage the finish on the hardwood floors.

It is important to only use the finest quality wood flooring products on hardwood floors. Purchasing unfinished products or low quality unfinished pieces can cause damage to the finish over time. A clean, thoroughly sanded floor is the only way to ensure that your hardwood floors will maintain their beauty and last for years to come. You should also invest in quality hardwood floor buffing and polishing products. These will help restore your floor to its original appearance after any spills or other types of damage have occurred. Most cleaners are fairly effective at removing most types of stains from your floors and will leave the floors looking like new.

If you do experience light scratches in your floor, you can use the application of a product called Hard Coat Upholstery Stain and then buff your floor after it has dried to help hide the scratch. If you notice that your favorite couch or chair has become scratched, you should consider purchasing new cushions to cover the affected area and to prevent more damage from occurring. Hard Coat Upholstery Staining is an easy and affordable way to create a beautiful new look for your home while still protecting the investment you have made on your hardwood floors.

Buffing your floors regularly will prevent dulling, scuffing and excessive dirt from settling deep into the wood. If you already have floors that need to be re-carpeted or repainted, you can purchase special products that will give your floors a new shine. There are also many do-it-yourself cleaners available in both stores and online that can provide your floors with a nice light shine. These easy solutions will help make your hardwood floors last a long time and keep them looking like new.