Hardwood Floor Buffing – How to Make Hardwood Floors Last Longer

How often should have hardwood floor buffing and polished? For optimum beauty and longevity of your floor, most professional manufacturers recommended that you have your hardwood floor polished and buffed every 3-4 years. Although most people think that this service only takes place when the floor is first installed, it can actually be performed anytime an individual floor is worn or damaged. Frequent, daily buffing and polishing of the hardwood floor will greatly help maintain its integrity as an additional protective coating is often added during this service. Having your hardwood floor polished by a professional company will also help bring out the natural beauty of the wood grain and add years to the life of the floor.

What are the benefits to hardwood floor buffing and polishing? Hardwood floors are unique in that the finish is applied over an existing finish, which leaves the existing finish intact for longer than any other type of finish. Over time, many scratches and imperfections may appear on your floors and while some repairs may be minor, others may require complete removal and replacement of the affected area.

Polished and buffed hardwood flooring provides a mirror-like shine. The finish also provides a higher end, more elegant appearance to your home. By honing and polishing your floors, you can bring out the unique grain patterns found in your wood. This provides your hardwood flooring with a higher resale value. By adding a high end, elegant finish to your flooring, you will increase the value and the esthetics of your home. Many homeowners seek out hardwood floor buffing services to enhance the appearance of their homes.

If you have children or pets, chances are they have run into things that have caused scratches on your hardwood flooring. You can help prevent all of this damage by using some of the more advanced polishes that are available today. These advanced cleaners can eliminate any potential scratches as well as remove any dirt, dust or pet hair. You can rest assured that any scratches that appear on your hardwood surfaces will be completely removed.

When you hire a hardwood floor buffing service, you can rest assured that your floors are completely clean. They do all of the work so you don’t have to. This saves you time and allows you to do other things. Cleaning your floors yourself can be very tedious and overwhelming. It can also be extremely difficult because you will need to do it in such small, delicate areas. Hiring a professional service provides you with peace of mind and allows you to focus on other aspects of your home decor.

There are several different methods by which hardwood floor buffing can be done. If you prefer it done by steam cleaning, then you will want to make sure you hire a professional service that specializes in the method. Professional services use professional grade equipment that is made specifically for this type of refinishing. Because it is a very delicate process, there is plenty of room for error. If you hire a service that is just starting out and has not been professionally trained in the use of steam cleaning equipment, you can run the risk of damaging your flooring.

Another option for hardwood floor buffing is to do it yourself. This is the best option for those who do not want to spend money on professional equipment or refinishing their floors. If you have a steam cleaner and a variety of non-skid pads, you can do quite a bit of the job yourself. You may need some assistance in getting all of the furniture situated and in turn, you will probably need to invest in some polishing pads. These pads can help prevent water spots from building up after you have finished buffing the flooring, which can dull the color of the flooring.

Polishing pads are also helpful for those who do not want to go the expense of purchasing new hardwood floor polishing supplies. When choosing a pad, you want to find one that does not require you to use any type of wax or liquid cleaner. This can cause problems if you happen to spill something on the floor while polishing. The best pads are made with a special coating that protects the floor from water damage. After you have finished hardwood floor buffing, you should always protect the floor by cleaning it regularly with a disinfectant or cleaning solution.