Hardwood Floor Buffing – How to Do it Yourself

Unlike hardwood floor refinishing which can be carried out in as little as half an hour, hardwood floor buffing requires professional expertise. This is because unlike refinishing hardwood flooring, the process involves using specialized equipment and products. Hardwood floor buffing also takes a bit more time than hardwood floor refinancing because you need to sand, clean, polish and then varnish the flooring. Hardwood floors that have been sanded are not always ready for the final buffing process. If the wood is still damp or it has the look of grass, you will need to dry it out completely. Once the floor has dried out completely, you are ready to proceed with the hardwood floor buffing procedure.

Polishing hardwood floors is a popular alternative to hardwood floor buffing because it produces a lighter finish. Some homeowners like the results which can be achieved by simple rubbing rather than the buffing process. Hardwood floors that have been lightly sanded may not be suitable for high-end furniture and decorations because of the loose sanding. On the other hand, polishing hardwood floors gives an extremely smooth and shiny finish. It is therefore preferred by many homeowners for use on their flooring.

Many homeowners do not mind spending extra money on hardwood flooring because they are not concerned with maintaining their quality. However, refinishing hardwood floors is definitely a good idea because of the value for money you receive in return. Refinishing hardwood floors costs a bit more than traditional refinishing but it lasts longer. With regular care, hardwood flooring can last up to fifteen years.

Hardwood flooring that has been subjected to polishing will need occasional cleaning and attention. You can achieve this by using cleaning solutions which you can buy from a local hardwood flooring retailer. If you have a lot of spills on your flooring, you should clean them up as soon as possible so that no streaks are left. Once you have finished your cleaning task, you should buff the flooring once again using a dry buffing pad to bring the original shine back.

Polishing hardwood floors by hand can help restore the original colour of the timber. However, it is labour intensive and a bit time consuming. If you do not have enough time to spend on polishing your floor, there is another option which is to hire a professional company for hardwood floor buffing. These companies usually have experienced floor cleaners on staff who are more than happy to spend time on your house polishing your carpets or rugs. Most companies also offer guarantee schemes and free installation in both domestic and commercial settings.

Some of us may think that we do not have the time to perform a DIY project like buffing or sanding our own wooden floors. However, this is far from the truth. If you know how to use a sander or sandpaper, you can successfully polish your own wooden floors. Sanding can remove minute scratches on your floor. Sanding will also remove dirt and dust particles from the surface. This is why it is a good idea to use a sander or sandpaper for this particular job.

Polishing and sanding your wooden floors will make them look completely new. Hardwood floors that have had any kind of scuff marks removed can now be installed in your home. Cleaning your floors regularly can prevent dullness and dull spots from appearing. A hardwood floor that has been scuffed and buffed may take years to look as good as new.

When you have something like a hardwood floor, you may feel like you have to go to a professional installer for this job. However, you do not need to. In fact, it would be better for you if you were able to perform the buffing yourself. In fact, some homeowners choose to have their buffing machines installed by their flooring contractor so that they can do all of the work themselves.