Hardwood Floor Buffing

Buffing is the process of removing light marks and scuff marks from your hardwood floor. The process also removes light scratches from the protective layer of polyurethane. Buffing can restore the luster of your floors and give them a fresh look. But not all floors are candidates for buffing and recoating. In fact, some floors already have too much damage to be a good candidate.

The first step in hardwood floor buffing is to remove any old compounds that have accumulated over time. To remove these compounds, you can use mineral spirits or wax stripper. Depending on the traffic level, a rotary polisher will be used. If you want a sanded effect, use mineral spirit. You may also use a low-odor mineral spirit. The next step is to vacuum the floor to remove any remaining dust or debris. Finally, you should apply stain and polyurethane to the floor to protect it from daily wear and tear.

After polishing your floor, you should allow it to dry for a day. Do not drag furniture across the floor. Place them where they belong. For better results, you can use felt furniture pads. If you can’t afford to hire a professional, use a machine buffer. You can also apply wood polishing products with a flathead mop. However, be sure to follow manufacturer instructions for application. The process is more time-consuming than buffing and requires a professional’s expertise and knowledge.

After applying the finish, you should rinse the floor with a damp mop or a solution for hardwood floors. Then, you must use a buffer with a cleaning compound. Make sure that the solution is wet and diluted with warm water. You should also use a 200-grit sanding screen to remove any excess compound. If you want a glossy shine, you may want to buff the floor twice.

When it comes to restoring worn-out hardwood floors, buffing is one of the best methods. Though this method is time-consuming and requires professional expertise, it is safe and can restore the floor to its lustrous sheen. Professionals perform this process according to industry standards. When done correctly, hardwood floor buffing can increase the durability of the floor and keep it looking beautiful. You should buff the floors every three to five years.

Professional buffing requires two passes with the buffing solution. Once the polishing process is complete, the final finishing product will be applied to bring out the shine. For best results, have the professionals buff the area twice. Using a spray-on solution to buff the floor twice will remove any residue and enhance the shine of the floor. This process may require a few visits, so a professional buffing service is recommended. If you decide to use the service, make sure to ask for a guarantee before hiring a company.